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 A unique postage stamp with an inspirational quote for each month

  • 12 Individual Calendar Cards

  • January 2021 - December 2021

  • Clear plastic stand-up calendar case

  • Folds back to a 45-degree angle

  • Durable design

  • Case Dimensions: 4.98”w x 5.59”h x 0.36” spine (Much like a CD case when closed)

  • Card Dimensions: • 4.65” w x 5.4”h

  • Special Pricing on Membership Multiples (PFP Membership is FREE)

$19.97  Plus $5 shipping

Bundle with Postcards From Paradise

2021 Motivational Planner: 
$49.97 plus $9 shipping


Special PFP Community Member Price:

$12.97 Plus $5 shipping


Buy 2 for $23.97 Plus $5 shipping


Buy 3 for $33.97 Plus $5 shipping


Special PFP Community Member Bundle:

$39.97 plus $9 shipping

Buy 2 for $77.97 plus $9 shipping

Buy 3 for $114.97 plus $9 shipping

All orders shipped USPS Priority Mail within USA

Allow 7-10 days for delivery

For other shipping options and international orders contact us

For orders over 3 items, please contact us for pricing and ordering information. 

laptop, desk calendar
desk calendar, laptop
Take a peek at each month
Desk calendar cover
Desk calendar cover

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January calendar
January calendar

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December calendar
December calendar

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Desk calendar cover
Desk calendar cover

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